Ellen Woodsworth
speaker, writer, organizer

Ellen Woodsworth is a writer, organizer, and international speaker and consultant on urban issues. A former Vancouver City councillor, Ellen is passionate about working for social justice, economic equality and environmentally sound planning.

Ellen works for cities to create social justice, economic equality, a creative culture and environmentally sustainable planning, using an equity/intersectional lens to ensure that cities work for everyone.

Ellen Woodsworth is the Founder and Chair of Women Transforming Cities which collaborated in writing “Advancing Equity and Inclusion a How to Guide for Municipalities.” She has spoken all over the world including at the UN International Women Friendly Cities Conference in Turkey in June 2015; UN Habitat 3 EU/North American Prague Conference; Cross-Cutting Expert Group Meeting: Human Rights and the New Urban Agenda, co-organized by the Habitat III Secretariat and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), New York City; and at many Canadian events.

Ellen coordinated a Queer Consultation for the Youth Division of UN Habitat and is speaking at the 6th Green Standards Week in Montevideo, Uruguay.

WTC is presently producing a UN Habitat project for “The City We Need” to be launched in Qito, Ecuador in Oct. 2016.