Ellen Woodsworth
speaker, writer, organizer

Ellen Woodsworth is a writer, organizer, and international speaker and consultant on urban issues. A former Vancouver City councillor, Ellen is passionate about working for social justice, economic equality and environmentally sound planning.

Ellen works for cities to create social justice, economic equality, a creative culture and environmentally sustainable planning, using an equity/intersectional lens to ensure that cities work for everyone.

Ellen Woodsworth is the Founder and Chair of Women Transforming Cities which collaborated in writing “Advancing Equity and Inclusion a How to Guide for Municipalities.” She has spoken all over the world including at the UN International Women Friendly Cities Conference in Turkey in June 2015; UN Habitat 3 EU/North American Prague Conference; Cross-Cutting Expert Group Meeting: Human Rights and the New Urban Agenda, co-organized by the Habitat III Secretariat and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), New York City; and at many Canadian events.

Ellen coordinated a Queer Declaration for the Youth Division of UN Habitat and is speaking at the 6th Green Standards Week in Montevideo, Uruguay.

WTC produced a UN Habitat 3 project on “The City We Need”. Ellen spoke at and co launched the Women Friendly Cities International Challenge. She also spoke on the World Urban Forum and YoutHab Panels at UN Habitat 3 in Quito.

As External Chairperson of Women Transforming Cities she is working on a three year project funded by Status of Women Canada to examine systemic barriers to womens participation in local government partnered with Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women by examining the Cities of Vancouver and Surrey.